Monday, September 28, 2009

My day early birthday

Favorite picture of the night, sadly taken without a flash, silly camera.

I got a surprise from my mom, who informed me we were celebrating my birthday tonight. I was a little surprised seeing as how I thought we were celebrating it on Sunday, but that fell through. It was a very awesome night with kids and family. Sorry Peels, but you've been indoctrinated into the family category. This is a good thing really, don't be scared. It only hurts for the first 28 years then is gets better.

We started off with a baby in the fire pit.
Added some smoke
Then started cooking
Next came the best part, where the kids all get sticky with S'mores.
Very Sticky
Or just chocolate if marshmallows offend you
Ending in a sugar induced coma.

It was a fun night, thank you mom.



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