Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a little like Trainspotting

Annie is still using a binky.  It's a problem, I know. This last few weeks she has been using her binky non-stop.  I've tried every method I can think of to gently ease her off.   The reality, you can't ease an addict off their addiction.  So I'm preparing myself.  As soon as I am not sick anymore (hopefully very soon) we are going to have to go cold turkey with the binky.  I'm imagining this looking a lot like the scene in the movie Trainspotting where the addict is going through detox.  Puking, sweating, chills, fevers, in-visioning the dead baby crawling on the ceiling only in Annie's case it will be a binky just out of reach no matter how hard she tries to grab it.   You may think I'm over imagining, but she's three and everything is a battle right now.  We don't just cry when things aren't what we want anymore.  We hiss, and kick and bite.   We scream and throw things at innocent bystanders (sorry again to the woman at Target who got clocked with the shoe).  We strip off our clothes and run outside screaming, "I not wearing that!"  We cover the kitchen in yogurt because it isn't the right color.  I love my three year old, but I won't be sad when she turns four.   Only 313 days to go.


rachel blazer said...

for real- it happens the DAY they turn 3! but sadly, i've heard 4 brings it's own issues.
good luck with the binky- i know that won't be easy, but i'm sure it's the right thing!


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