Thursday, October 21, 2010

The mystery continues

Well the doctor has no idea what is causing my spontaneous freckles.  Annie is super excited about this.   She calls it a "real mystery," and runs around the house looking for "freckle" clues.    At the very least these freckles are making Annie extremely happy. 

Day three

Yesterday, I woke up with freckles all over my face. Only problem is I don't have freckles, so this spurred a trip to urgent care and then Quest for some blood work. We don't find out till later today what spurred the mysterious case of freckles across my face but I now know I do not look good with freckles.
Today I am ridiculously tired and super frustrated. I am missing yet another day of work, my house is a mess and my case of freckles is getting worse.  Please pray for me?  I'm feeling a little pathetic today.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sick day

I suck at blogging right now.  Sorry, but I just can't keep up. It seems that being pregnant is way suckier than I remember.   Then add Annie, a new husband, work and a house full of dust, bugs and laundry and well, I'm sunk.  

Today I am home sick.   Annie and I caught some horrible bug that attacks your lungs.   All I do is cough which being pregnant causes me to pee my pants (it's not nearly as funny as it sounds), and poor Annie just stares at the tv coughing and asking if I will buy her what ever toy she sees on those wretched commercials.  Making me hate commercials, tv and toy companies all together.   After three hours I finally couldn't take it anymore, so I turned off the TV and made Annie get dressed.   She chose to put on a swimsuit and refused to wear anything else.   Too sick to protest I forced her outside for some sun and fresh air.   Not feeling up for a bike ride Annie and I headed into the kitchen garden.   She found bunch of carrots ready to come up, so we decided we would make chicken stock.   Four hours later the house is smelling like chicken stock, Annie is quietly sewing and I'm still peeing my pants every time I cough.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A mini family trip

 Thanks to our friends the Olivers, we got to go on an awesome mini trip this weekend. Annie got to roast marshmallows, play with six little boys all around her age (and thoroughly enjoy being the only big girl), fish (or watch Tex fish), and eat loads of sugar. It was a dream come true for a four year old little girl.
 Annie with her Disney princess fishing rod from Tex (which lasted about two minutes before she dropped it to play with the worms).

 Tex caught a fish pretty early on, but Annie was to scared to reel it in.

The first catch of the day!




We went for a short walk over to see the horses. Annie had more fun climbing the fence than looking at the horses far off in the distance.

No trip is complete without stopping for BBQ!  
We went to Missouri Hick for lunch on our way home.   
Annie thought their water mill was pretty cool.

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