Wednesday, December 14, 2011

needing spring already?

Today's unseasonably warm weather had me looking outside wanting to dig in the dirt.  Unfortunately I had way to much to do to play outside.  But all I can think about now is starting the seeds in the basement.  If only it wouldn't drive my husband over the edge.  He is still getting used to my crazy ways.  Growing plants in the basement will be hard to ease him into, and with how crazy things have been around here lately I am barely able to get up a blog post.  So perhaps seeds will have to wait for another month.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sisters, slips and sleep.

These two kiddos have stolen my heart.  They love each other so intensely I can't believe it.  When Annie walks in the room Elsie lights up, starts hitting whatever is in reach, grunting with anticipation and excitement.   At some point I may have to address the grunting with Elsie, but for now I think it's cute.   Annie loves being her favorite.  Loves knowing that with little less than a smile she can make Elsie laugh hysterically.   
 Annie has embraced the new dress up clothes I found for her.  Mostly modified old dresses and slips of mine, but they cover her completely, and I love that she's learning to feel pretty with more instead of less.

 Yes in this photo she is asleep.  The problem is she just went to sleep and this photo was taken at 7am.  After tag teaming through the night with Elsie, I got the morning shift with Annie and Jon got to sleep.  I'm so tired my eye is twitching and I can't think straight.   If these teeth don't come through soon I'm contemplating dropping her off at my moms for the night.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elsie Steps!

I almost forgot to post that Elsie took her first step yesterday.  I don't think she even realized she did it.  She was trying to hit the baby sitting next to us at bible study.  She let go of my hand, took a step, hit the baby and then sat down.  I haven't gotten her to repeat the step, but it might take more baby bait to lure her.


It's 6:30 at night.  I'm driving to the parking lot of an abandoned strip mall.  All that's left is a run down Kmart and a Taco Bell.  I didn't even know we still had a Kmart around here.  I pull up to see the usual crowd parked waiting in their cars for the semi to pull in.  We are a small group of people who are committed to organic natural foods, but not so keen on Wholefoods and their over the top prices.    I love seeing what everyone else is buying, learning how they store it and what else they do to cut corners.  There are lot of corners you can cut to feed your family well, but it is a commitment that many people don't understand, even criticize.  My husband being one of them.  He does not understand my need to make sure our children don't consume chemically laden juices and snacks.  He only see's the big price tags at Wholefoods eating away at his hard earned money.  I am not a huge fan of Wholefoods, it's convenient, but not for feeding my family.   My solution is to cut back every where I can and get quality food at the lowest price possible.  So once a month I place my order, wait a week and then when I get the call, drive out to this sad lot to pull my food off the back of the truck.

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