Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sisters, slips and sleep.

These two kiddos have stolen my heart.  They love each other so intensely I can't believe it.  When Annie walks in the room Elsie lights up, starts hitting whatever is in reach, grunting with anticipation and excitement.   At some point I may have to address the grunting with Elsie, but for now I think it's cute.   Annie loves being her favorite.  Loves knowing that with little less than a smile she can make Elsie laugh hysterically.   
 Annie has embraced the new dress up clothes I found for her.  Mostly modified old dresses and slips of mine, but they cover her completely, and I love that she's learning to feel pretty with more instead of less.

 Yes in this photo she is asleep.  The problem is she just went to sleep and this photo was taken at 7am.  After tag teaming through the night with Elsie, I got the morning shift with Annie and Jon got to sleep.  I'm so tired my eye is twitching and I can't think straight.   If these teeth don't come through soon I'm contemplating dropping her off at my moms for the night.



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