Saturday, July 31, 2010

best quote of the day

"I can't wear shoes cause they make me sick... Sea sick"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catching crickets is easy

We had a really nice morning today.  I didn't have to go to work until 10, so Annie and I got to stay home instead of running out of the house before the sun.   We ate breakfast together and watched her gymnastic show Make it or Break it, which is really my show, but if you call it her show she's more inclined to let you watch it.    Then we headed out to the garden.  Feed the chickens and weeded the kitchen garden a little.  It was so nice to get out there before it got to hot.    Our ground cherries are filling out and the tomatoes are everywhere.    If anyone is planning on making any Mohitos I have more mint than I can use.   

While I was plucking weeds Annie was exploring for bugs.  Surprisingly she found a Cricket and managed to catch him.   They played together for about 15 minutes before he finally escaped.  Sad Annie, lucky Cricket. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pregnancy design flaw II

So the second I post that I am not nauseous, I start feeling nauseous.  GRRR!   Why, when I start getting used to this pregnancy does it insist on changing?   Now I am nauseous, but the headaches have let up a little.   Like I said before I prefer the headache, but really I would just like to go a few weeks without any big changes.   I can already tell this kid has ADD.   
On the flip side, Annie is doing really well and she's still super excited about the baby.   She kisses the baby every morning and whispers to him or her.   I wish I knew what she's saying, but she's really quiet and when I ask she tells me, "ask the baby."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pregnany design flaw

Well I'm not nauseous like I was with Annie, but this pregnancy is starting to have it's own little quirks.   Everyday around 2-2:30 I get a headache that lasts until I go to bed.   Weird huh?   The fun part is the doctor can't seem to figure out whats causing them.  I will have to say I prefer the headaches over the nauseousness, but would love it if anyone has a solution to get rid of them.   Tylenol and Advil are out, I'm allergic to both (yes this sucks beyond belief).   

The eco egg saves the day!

I have had this mini washing machine for about 7 years now.  It has prompted a lot of strange looks from people wondering what the heck it is.   So many times I have thought of getting rid of it, but thankfully I don't.    It always seems to come in handy, like when my washing machine breaks and I have no idea when a new one will show up.   Don't be fooled by its small size, this thing kicks butt.   It is by far the best goodwill purchase I ever made.

How to properly use the snarkel

Annie's uncle Sam got her a Snorkel set for her birthday (which she calls a snarkel).  Here is how Annie uses it:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Annie in boots

Last picture from her birthday I promise.  She just looks so cute in cowboy boots I had to post this one.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

She's FOUR!

Annie had her birthday party today and I can't believe she's four years old tomorrow!   
She insisted on unwrapping her presents on the wedding gift we got from my land lord and his wife. 
It's a very cool end table (I think).

Birthday cake Barbie!

Poppy decided to make herself a little birthday cake with candles.  She then sang happy birthday to herself while dancing.

Annie in her new cowgirl boots.

After everyone went home Annie sat with all her new books and read them one at a time.
Notice the glass slippers on her feet (she went to bed hugging them).

The party was a little too wild for Banjo.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nail polish

How do you respond when your three year old walks into the kitchen and says, "I'm sorry momma," followed by, "I'm so so sorry"? 

Well, I attempted to stay calm and tried to get Annie to tell me why she was apologizing, but the tears just started flowing and all she could do was pull her hands from behind her back to reveal nail polish covering two thirds of each finger.   Then it was hard not to get angry/ laugh.   She had just asked me to do her nails and I said not until after we go swimming.  We are really struggling with her learning to wait for things.  After making sure the furniture wasn't paradise pink too, we spent ten minutes removing the nail polish.  

Random purchase idea by Annie

Driving home from Tex's house after dinner Annie tells me,
"Mommy, we have to get lots of boy barbies... Cause I have lots of girl barbies, and Texas needs boy ones so he can play Barbie with me... We will need some Prince's and a couple daddies."

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wish there was a program for dads to help them in a very tangible way understand what it is like being pregnant.   Forget about the strap on belly, I want them to experience the sickness, tiredness and emotional roller coaster first hand.    To have to pee every time you stand up, and to loose your keys when you are holding them in your hand.  I feel like such an idiot around Texas, because I keep messing up/ losing things.   The worst part is he hasn't known me all that long, and I think he's beginning to wonder if I'm like this all the time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Overnight with Garlic and girls

Today My sisters older two came over to play, which turned into a sleep over.  Lets just say Sadie and Ruby have me wrapped around their little fingers.

I kinda figured they would just play and I would get my chores done.  But instead of playing they wanted to help with the chores.   Sadie and Ruby had a lesson on collecting eggs from the chickens and harvesting Garlic from the garden.   They were quick studies on the garlic, but Ruby was a little more than mystified about the eggs. 

"You kind of live on a farm,"  Sadie, while helping me dig up Garlic.

Ruby and I have a nice long talk about eggs:
"Oh no!  your out of eggs (panic hits when she sees my empty egg containers).   Can you go to the store and get some for me, ok?"
"No Ruby I'm not out of eggs"
"But this is empty.   You have to go to the store to get more eggies."
"No, I have chickens who lay eggs for me.  Remember you went out and got them from the hen house today."
"But you have to buy them from the store first and then put them in there."
"No the chickens make the eggs for me."
"Do they go the store?"

"No, Ruby they do not go to the store, they lay the eggs."
"At the store right?"
"No not at the store.   They lay them in the hen house."
"Oh, ok.  Can we go the store to get some eggs?"
I think Ruby needs to spend some more time here. 

Garlic the girls collected

 All Cleaned and ready to braid

Clean up time from getting all muddy with the Garlic

And a movie in bed before lights out

The girls had a great time together, here's hoping they are just as happy in the morning.    I did not get a lot of things on my list done today, but Annie hasn't had this much fun doing her chores in a long time.    And yes, my entire house now smells like garlic.

playing mommy

 My sweet Annie and I were playing in the back the other day and this was her idea of fun:

"Let's play sisters.  I'll be the big sister and you can be the other big sister.   Our mom is dead because no one wants to play her."

I was immediately offended yet I found myself laughing?  Why does no one want to play me?   Am I that boring?

Sorry for the lack of posting again.  Summer seems to be taking over every minute of our lives.   The fact my life has just doubled in family obligations and responsibilities has nothing to do with it.    Did I mention Texas and I are engaged?   Or that we are also pregnant?   Thankfully we had planned for the first to happen before we found out about the second, it just spend things up quite a bit.   So now we are trying to plan a wedding followed by where do we live, how do we pay for things, and whats Annie going to do with all this change?   Thankfully so far Annie has been super excited.  She loves her Texas.   We weren't planning on telling her about the baby this soon, but then she told me I was getting fat and "momma, there is a baby in there I think."  Smart kid.
So the news is out.   No hiding it now.  

I need to get back to blogging, but I am not foolish enough to make any promises.   I have about 20 minutes of down time a week lately and I'm not sure I can give that up to blog, but I will try and update more than once a month.

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