Monday, July 19, 2010

Overnight with Garlic and girls

Today My sisters older two came over to play, which turned into a sleep over.  Lets just say Sadie and Ruby have me wrapped around their little fingers.

I kinda figured they would just play and I would get my chores done.  But instead of playing they wanted to help with the chores.   Sadie and Ruby had a lesson on collecting eggs from the chickens and harvesting Garlic from the garden.   They were quick studies on the garlic, but Ruby was a little more than mystified about the eggs. 

"You kind of live on a farm,"  Sadie, while helping me dig up Garlic.

Ruby and I have a nice long talk about eggs:
"Oh no!  your out of eggs (panic hits when she sees my empty egg containers).   Can you go to the store and get some for me, ok?"
"No Ruby I'm not out of eggs"
"But this is empty.   You have to go to the store to get more eggies."
"No, I have chickens who lay eggs for me.  Remember you went out and got them from the hen house today."
"But you have to buy them from the store first and then put them in there."
"No the chickens make the eggs for me."
"Do they go the store?"

"No, Ruby they do not go to the store, they lay the eggs."
"At the store right?"
"No not at the store.   They lay them in the hen house."
"Oh, ok.  Can we go the store to get some eggs?"
I think Ruby needs to spend some more time here. 

Garlic the girls collected

 All Cleaned and ready to braid

Clean up time from getting all muddy with the Garlic

And a movie in bed before lights out

The girls had a great time together, here's hoping they are just as happy in the morning.    I did not get a lot of things on my list done today, but Annie hasn't had this much fun doing her chores in a long time.    And yes, my entire house now smells like garlic.


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