Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The trouble with paridise

You know that sweet adorable baby I was just talking about?  Well, I was wrong.  Yes, she smiles, is incredibly cute and has an easy laid back personality (for a baby), but she just crawled under the coffee table.  Yep, honeymoon OVER.  Just one week shy of turning 5 months and the little bugger can get away from me.  This is what I get for telling everyone how great she is. 
My new plan for Rue is to make sure she is buckled, strapped or otherwise tied down in one baby apparatus or another until she turns one or two. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Always smiling

Rue most know that I need a break.  That another child like Elsie might just do me in, because this baby is EASY.  Keep her clean, fed and clothed (yes she hates to be naked), and this baby just smiles. 
and smiles
and smiles.

She's getting close to five months and I am getting nervous.  She pushes herself along the floor with her legs and has managed to get fairly far.  Over the last week she has really started getting herself up and it looks like the crawl isn't far off, so the honeymoon period may end soon.  Please no.

Baby baptism

Baby Baptisms are so much fun.  It's their first debut,  announcing they here, and claiming their place in Gods heart and the families.  Rue did great at her baptism, crying when wet and sleeping the rest of the time.  One of the best parts of the baptism was when Elsie yelled, "Happy Day," while we are all standing up at the alter.  Annie was a very proud big sister and lit the baptismal candle during the service.  I can't believe what an incredible big sister she has become. 


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