Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catching crickets is easy

We had a really nice morning today.  I didn't have to go to work until 10, so Annie and I got to stay home instead of running out of the house before the sun.   We ate breakfast together and watched her gymnastic show Make it or Break it, which is really my show, but if you call it her show she's more inclined to let you watch it.    Then we headed out to the garden.  Feed the chickens and weeded the kitchen garden a little.  It was so nice to get out there before it got to hot.    Our ground cherries are filling out and the tomatoes are everywhere.    If anyone is planning on making any Mohitos I have more mint than I can use.   

While I was plucking weeds Annie was exploring for bugs.  Surprisingly she found a Cricket and managed to catch him.   They played together for about 15 minutes before he finally escaped.  Sad Annie, lucky Cricket. 



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