Monday, October 4, 2010

A mini family trip

 Thanks to our friends the Olivers, we got to go on an awesome mini trip this weekend. Annie got to roast marshmallows, play with six little boys all around her age (and thoroughly enjoy being the only big girl), fish (or watch Tex fish), and eat loads of sugar. It was a dream come true for a four year old little girl.
 Annie with her Disney princess fishing rod from Tex (which lasted about two minutes before she dropped it to play with the worms).

 Tex caught a fish pretty early on, but Annie was to scared to reel it in.

The first catch of the day!




We went for a short walk over to see the horses. Annie had more fun climbing the fence than looking at the horses far off in the distance.

No trip is complete without stopping for BBQ!  
We went to Missouri Hick for lunch on our way home.   
Annie thought their water mill was pretty cool.



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