Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 is really exciting

We're having a girl!   I'm super excited as is Annie.   Tex is in a state of shock/panic, but I'm sure he'll come out of it soon.   Baby is getting a little more real to him everyday.  
We have been super busy lately.  Tex and I are both working a ton to try and prepare for my not working when the baby gets here.   And yesterday was my birthday.   I'm officially 30 now.   Not terribly excited.   But at least I feel a little more on track now.   Suddenly I'm Married, thirty and pregnant with baby number 2. 
Best birthday surprises?   Finding out we're having a girl, Tex buying me lots of maternity clothes and my Aunt Leslie sending me a giant box of Clothes! (which I am carefully packing away until after the baby is born).


Anonymous said...

your aunt leslie is very excited that you found some things you like in that big ol' box!!! happy birthday sweet girl...


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