Friday, September 10, 2010

Movie night

So It's been super crazy here.  With Tex's stuff in boxes everywhere and my stuff shifting out of the way for his, our house looks a like a tornado went through it.   Annie's favorite thing so far that Tex has brought into the house?  His TV of course.   She is constantly asking to watch a movie.   Tonight we decided to take a brake from work and have dinner and a movie night.   Annie picked Cheaper by the dozen 2.   She loves this movie and thinks it is hysterical.  Half way through they are making S'mores in the movie and it's true, I cannot resist s'mores.   So Tex lights a fire in the fireplace, Annie gets the marshmallows and I get the graham crackers and chocolate (another thing about me, I always have S'more ingredients on hand).

Tex lighting the fire

Annie is very focused on roasting her marshmallows

A little to focused perhaps

Banjo joined us after the food was all consumed

And then him and Annie snuggled by the fire for a little bit before bed.



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