Monday, September 21, 2009

harvesting tomatoe seeds

Annie and I have been working on collecting seeds from our tomato plants for next year. The first batch is done, and ready to be dried. They're from a large heritage plant that to my surprise doesn't make mushy grainy tomatoes, but firm sweet tomatoes the size of Annie's head. We definitely don't want to loose this one.

1. first empty seeds and juice into a container and set outside in a sunny spot for seeds to ferment. After a few days they look like this:Peel off mold from top. (If container completely dries up, ad water before removing mold layer). Scrap seeds off back of mold layer into container. Seeds should look like this:Strain off water and rinse with sprayer, to get tomato pulp off.
sprinkle seeds onto plate and separate so that seeds don't stick together while drying. Place in cool, dry, dark place till dry. About 3-5 days. Then store in a airtight container until next spring.



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