Monday, September 7, 2009

Annie's Husband

Annie informed me as I was getting dinner on the table to "get another plate, momma, my new husband is coming to the party." I wasn't sure how to respond when she continued with, "her name is Carissa, and she is coming over to the party, and she is going get her own plate." I tried without success to explain that husbands are boys and wives are girls. That didn't get a good response. "My husband is A GIRL!"
I moved on and decided to ask other questions.
When did you meet your husband? "Oh a few weeks ago."
Where did you meet your husband? "Oh a few weeks ago."
How old is your husband? "She is not old, she is new."
What color is your husbands hair? "the color of her hair is sparkly golden like mine."
What do husbands do? "They play princess."
Are you Carissa's husband? "No, I am a big girl."



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