Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Magic house disaster

Let me just start off by saying that going to the Magic house on a rainy day is a BIG mistake. DO NOT attempt this deathly act, it is not worth the pain and suffering you must endure just to keep your kiddos happy. DO SOMETHING ELSE, anything else.
I should also say thank you to my sister and her husband for giving Annie and I, a one year membership for my birthday. I am so excited to be able to take Annie there, and I couldn't think of a better present, thank you. I just wish I hadn't made the mistake of going on a rainy day. It was tragic to say the least. Hundreds of people, surprisingly more adults than children herding through narrow halls, up and down stairs made for the one way traffic of little feet congested with adults and children alike fighting to get their way. Children throwing paper money in all directions. Of course Annie's favorite part was the child sized grocery store. Alas, this area was filled with children, the shelves were emptied of all but a few things out of reach lining the top back shelves, and everything was out of place it set off my OCD just looking at the pretend cash register by the door piled a mile high with plastic fruits and veggies. Upon entering I immediately started restocking the shelves, and as I walked around restocking I realized I had somehow acquired a little shadow that unstocked everything in my wake. It was not my daughter. It was, of course someones 10 maybe 11 year old son throwing everything I put on the shelves to the floor. The best part, mom just stood there and watched her son. Who are you crazy mom who lets your kid ransack a pretend store? It was when that same boy pushed Annie away from the register that I realized I couldn't take it any more. I grabbed my kid drenched with tears and left. I still shiver when I think of that little grocery store.
I hope to return early in the morning when the shelves are stocked and the 10 year old's are in school.



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