Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Call

While driving Annie and her cousin Ruby to school I received a call from my neighbor. The chickens and the turkeys had all gotten out. This is not a good thing. I drop off the girls, call my job to tell them I'd be late (and why) and drove back home to find 8 chickens wondering the yard and two turkeys looking at me like I was dinner (did I mention turkeys are mean yet?). Thankfully I had a bowl of Tomatoes from the yard sitting on the kitchen counter. And yes I made a trail of tomatoes leading back into the run and no it did not work. It only succeeded in tricking the evil turkeys which also happen to be dumb as rocks. That still left me with 8 chickens. Praying that no one is around to watch me. I walk around the yard bent over like a 90+year old woman making kissy sounds with my arms spread apart so they don't run right past me trying to entice chickens to come get a tomato from me. It probably looked more like the hunchback of Notre Dame trying to catch dinner. Thankfully it only took me 30 minutes to round everyone up. It definitely added a little excitement to my day.



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