Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gourmet S'mores

Not sure how today went. I remember wanting to take a nap all day, and then finally getting to take one. I'm glad I took pictures of Annie or I might have forgotten her outfit. It was definitely one for the records. Black leotard, striped leg warmers, blue jean shorts and pig tails with white bows. The fact that I let her leave the house like that should tell you how tired I was. I blame last nights s'mores. We had some friends over for dinner last night (to eat the chicken I butchered) and had a fire outside. It was fun until Annie knocked over a wine glass with the marshmallow stick and then poked Tim in the eye. Tim is ok, but the wine glass is gone forever, and the shattered glass is still laying on the patio floor waiting for me to pick it up. It was so nice to be outside, and catch up with old friends. Tim works at Wholefoods and I had him bring marshmallows for the fire and I got Graham crackers from Trader Joe's. Here's the thing, gourmet marshmallow and graham cracker's make the worst s'more's. It's just wrong to upgrade when it comes to the classics. So I blame the samore's for being off and making me so tired today. Best not to blame myself for staying up to late, that would ruin the fun.
Annie on the swing at tower grove farmers market eating her zucchini muffin



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