Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tomato Picking!

So I hear going fruit picking is all the rage, and after our exhausting magic house visit, I thought Annie and I would do a little Fruit picking of our own. Only in our own back yard, because I have no idea where you go to pick someone else's fruit on a Saturday evening.
I gave Annie the go ahead to pick as many as she wanted. She filled a huge bowl full of all different types of tomatoes. She picked brandywine's, Roma's, Marzano's, and yellow pears. Tasting each type as she went. It was hilarious, she was like a kid in a candy store. The tomatoes have always been here, but I've never let her go wild and pick everything. I usually set the limit at a small cereal bowl size. When she'd filled her bowl and camped out on the porch I thought it would be good to wash the tomatoes, but Annie informed me that it was fine, stating, "my mouth is a sink," and with a smile pops another yellow pear in her mouth.

Filling her bowl.

The classic Annie half smile. Usually only seen when she's talked her way out of trouble and ends up getting her way. It's a very hidden little smile.

Pointing to her mouth, "it tickle my tongue mommy."

Realizing she gets the whole bowl to herself gets a big smile out of her.



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