Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tail Feathers

This morning Annie and I went out to feed the Chickens and change their water. Surprisingly Norton, our male turkey, met us at the gate with full feathers. He doesn't normally walk around with his feathers out. I think it's because yesterday I chased him with a broom when I caught him attacking my chickens again. Annie was so excited she made me run inside for the camera. So here he is. Our male Turkey, Norton (short for Narragansett) showing off his feathers. He is rather handsome.

Our female turkey, Jane was named by Liz Forsythe because she is just that, a plain Jane. If you noticed Norton's missing one of his tail feathers, that's because Jane plucked it. She definitely wears the pants in their relationship.
Annie was in a fun mood this morning so I got a few pics of her being silly with her girls.She really loves her girls. Getting the eggs is her favorite part of the day. Not sure how she'll take it when the Turkeys move to their "New" house come November.
Annie took this one of me while I was opening up the water feeders. The other photos she took were a little hard to decipher.
Here's one of the fence and the trees.



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