Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day

Our morning was a little sad seeing as how Annie popped out of bed ready to go straight to school. She even slept in the swimsuit she'd picked out the night before to wear to her first day of class.  This was obviously followed by the long talk about how we can't wear swimsuits to school, followed then by the very sad news that first we had to go to Gigi's so that mommy can go to counseling, then we go to play group, have some lunch, and after that we go to school. See picture below for how she took the news.

First came anger...
Then came the pouting...
Followed by a slight smile when I told her she could watch one chapter of She-ra before we went to Gigi's.After our crazy morning that started at 6:30 we had a good time at play group, we found out my sister is having a baby boy (Thank you Lord, I think you just saved my brother in-law from a life long sentence of estrogen induced solitary ), and ate a lunch of granola bars, a vegetable sushi roll, banana's and cantaloupe. It was weird but all I had.
Then off to school we went. "stop, stop like this mommy, GO!," "no stop!," and of course "we there?" this last occurred after she yelled one of the previous quotes. Upon arrival Annie looks mildly unsure of herself.
but after a slightly awkward photo with her Ruby
all seems well.
Ok so the bag might be a little to big, but I couldn't make it any smaller (the fabric told me so). Aside from the over sized tote bag Annie had a great first day. Tomorrow might be another story, we'll see. She only had class for an hour today. Wednesday starts the real deal, a whole two and a half hours without mommy to boss around. I'm looking forward to the break, I might even let myself relax a little.



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