Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tote Bag

So Annie's first day of school is Tuesday. I'm so excited/nervous/happy/sad. My little baby is going to school. I did get very excited about her needing a tote bag for class. A little too excited to be honest. It's the first time I felt like sewing in ages. It's the first time I've sewed for me in a long time. I think sewing for money takes away my creative abilities, and my desire to invest in the piece I'm working on, so I kinda over invested in Annie's a little. She's sure to be the only kid with a tote bag like this. The best part is that she likes it!
Doing this bag has made me realize I need to keep my sewing just for me and stop sewing for money. I will always do baby slings, but no more curtains, baby blankets, stocking, seat covers, or clothes. It takes away all the fun, and honestly I make less than $5 an hour. Financially it's a waste of my time. I will keep doing baby slings only because I love that moms want to carry their babies, and I hate to think of a baby stuck in a bucket because mom couldn't find a sling she liked.


rachel blazer said...

so beautiful!! greta told me about it- i'm so glad i got to see pictures! my sister felt the same way about her sewing creations. making the same thing multiple times took the fun out of the creative process, so she just stopped altogether. now she just does stuff for her family & it makes her happy again.
thanks for sharing pictures! good luck to annie tomorrow at school!


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