Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday Tuesday

Monday being what used to be my one day off has become my busiest day. I miss my day off and I have to admit I've been rather pathetic these last few weeks since losing my precious Monday. I now have to wake up at 6am on Mondays dress and feed Annie and get her to my mothers by 8 am, so I can get to work. This week I picked up an extra Monday job, so I go to two houses instead of one. Get done with work by 4 pm and go to get Annie. Then its off the to grocery with sleeping Annie and Banjo in tow. Yes my kid is the one sleeping in the grocery cart, at least this time I got there before 9pm. then home to cook and freeze. We hit the mattress around 9:30, pray and fall asleep.
Today I was blessed by being able to just spend the afternoon with Annie. A surprise I wasn't expecting. Since my mother had to borrow my car I didn't go home and clean like I usually do (this will backfire in a few day when the dishes are piled up to the ceiling and the laundry is overflowing to the floor). Instead Annie and I spent the afternoon taking a nap together at my mothers house. It was awesome. We read books until my eyes watered and my throat burned, then slept a few hours and woke to more reading. It's possibly her favorite thing to do. Ended up not having to go to work until 5:30! It was so wonderful. Two massages later and Annie and I are back home getting ready for bed. Goodnight!



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