Friday, August 28, 2009

and found

I found my camera this morning! Maybe it took finally giving up and accepting that it was gone, for me to finally find it. I wanted to post this morning when I found it, but I was already late for work and I had this plan of posting a picture of my lost camera, but then realized that would require another camera and after going through the many possibilities of making that happen I realized I was even later for work. So I went to work instead. And now I just got home and it's 10:40 and my three year old needs to go to bed and I need to go to bed, and the dog needs dinner and to go outside, plus I should get the eggs from the hen house before they get mixed up with the next days lot, sorry but I think this means no picture. Yeah, I should not even be blogging right now. I promise picture as soon as I have my next day off (I don't think that is till Wednesday).



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