Monday, August 24, 2009


You may have noticed a lack of photos on our blog lately and that's because I lost my camera, so now I'm up late trying to find it. Where I should be is in bed because I'm still sick. Unfortunately, every time I lay down all I can think about is Annie going to her first day of school and me not having that stupid camera to take a picture. I love that camera. I don't have to borrow one, or ask other people to take photos and then sand me copies because I have my own camera. At least I used to. I've torn apart every drawer and cabinet in my house at least four times (this is a big house mind you) and I still haven't found it. Of all the stupid things to loose I lost my camera. I' d honestly much rather loose my phone or my wallet. At least then I'm not missing photo ops of Miss Annie playing BOLT or collecting her eggs in the morning, and she's so cute when she goes out to collect the eggs. She gets so excited. If your not too busy please say a prayer that I find my camera, I would really appreciate it, it has been deeply missed.


Bailey Mohr said...

What day does she go to school? I could come over and take pictures?

Maddie said...

Thank Bailey, Thats really sweet of you to offer, but I found my camera today!


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