Monday, August 24, 2009

A new movie, a new game, a new obsession.

Annie borrowed the movie BOLT from my mothers a few days ago, and it has become a life altering movie for miss Annie. Yes, she has fallen in love with Banjo all over again. He is now her sidekick running through the house spying for the Green eyed man. That's right, they crawl, run, roll, and bark (that would be Annie) through the house in search of the elusive green eyed man. If you haven't seen the movie I can only recommend it up to five viewings, after that it gets to be a bit much, and I would suggest not having cats in the house with your dog while viewing. Annie asked to borrow my mothers cat so they could play BOLT after watching. Not to give the plot away, but cats are bad. They actually aren't that bad in the movie, but the part that stuck in my three year olds head says cats are friends of the green eyed man.
Perhaps it was being sick for three days, stuck in bed, that caused BOLT to take such affect, but Annie really does love her new movie/game. If you stop by during a game, be aware you may be asked to hide behind a chair or crawl through the living room on your knees. Thankfully Annie has had little success teaching Banjo the BOLT super bark. He faithfully remains my silent puppy.

That's all for now from BOLT headquarters.



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