Sunday, September 20, 2009

nothing but Leotards

I have discovered that leotards are all Miss Annie will wear as of late. Which, granted is better than nude, but by how much? Skimpy little leotards are almost as bad in my opinion as being naked. Her tush is barely covered, the low cut top is a little too revealing and when she wears skirts over it she's always pulling it down so that her hip bones show. Not to mention the whole 80's flashback I get when she puts on her leg warmers, cut offs and black jewel studded leo (see previous post). These are photo's of her church outfit. I forced her to wear that sweater and skirt, but as soon as we got home they both go off and she runs to the tread mill to work on her gymnastic routine.
Notice Annie is wearing her dance slippers inside her regular shoes.
See how low cut these things are? Whoever designs Target Leotards is not my friend.
This is Annie's favorite gymnastic trick. She actually tried to imitate Nadia Comaneci on the uneven bars. Twisting in slow motion and jumping off to her grand finish. Who knew a tread mill could be used for gymnastics? Thanks Aunt Debbie.



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