Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kid in the cart

Driving to the store Annie is half asleep

I always find myself stuck with a kid half asleep driving home to a house with no food after work. Miraculously I have found a simple solution to our quirky little dilemma and it's nap time at the grocery store, and for us it works. Although I will need to find a store with bigger grocery carts soon. Thankfully the grocery store clerks haven't reported me to child services and love to sneak peeks at little Miss. Annie asleep in the cart. As cute as it seems though, I find myself jealous of all the moms who get to go to the grocery store alone or better yet have someone else go for them altogether. Annie still sleeping after a long walk through the store


Greta said...

Where do you put your groceries?

rachel blazer said...

i was wondering the same thing as greta... i often have caroline sitting in the cart with groceries all over her, but she's not sleeping!

Maddie said...

Groceries go on the bottom, and in the kid seat (although sometimes I do have to put a few things on top of her, not the milk of course).


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