Sunday, October 11, 2009

Project Turkey

I finally finished the Turkeys new house. There are two reasons that necessitated the building of this separate housing structure. First off is that they needed to switch to meat builder feed (for obvious reasons). The second being that Norton (our Male Turkey) has been getting really aggressive with the other chickens. I found out why yesterday when I witnessed Norton getting frisky with Jane. It was weird and I'm not sure if I should be grossed out or Jealous that my turkeys are getting more action than me, not that I want to date Norton or anything. Jane would be furious, and don't worry their married, so it's ok. I'm very happy to announce that now they can now get frisky inside the house instead of in public.
The Turkey.
I wish the color was better, he has this spectacular blue around his eyes, but the camera didn't pick it up well.
The Tools
A green hammer and a jig saw that were my dad's dad. The guy at the hardware store just laughed at me when I asked him what blade it used. A hand saw I picked up for $11, and lets not forget my drill from a old ex-boyfriend.
The new house
It still needs the trim put up, but I didn't account for that when I measured everything out, so now if I put the trim on, it won't fit out the door to the run.
The romance

(Thank you Mark for help with the hinge. Sam, Jeremy and Brader for your help with moving the house.)


Charlie said...

Hey, that's my hammer! Grandpa (mom's dad) gave that to me! ;-)

Maddie said...

Wow, you do read my blog. I'm shocked. If you come to St. Louis you can have it, but you have to visit for at least 7 days before I'll hand it over.


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