Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The turkeys new house

So I planned to spend my day getting things done on the chicken coup. Latest project: build separate housing for the Turkeys. I dropped Annie off at my mothers and got to work. A garage full of scrap wood, my 70 year old jig saw and 5 trips to Home Depot later (I thought that was pretty good, considering I can take that many trips to the grocery just to make a jello salad), I've constructed something close to a habitable housing structure for the turkeys.
Yes, Vice Grips are a perfectly acceptable substitute for c-clamps.And that would be my window I got for $15 dollars at the hardware store. I talked the guy down from $20, and got him to throw in two hinges for free. I really like Home Depot.

My biggest challenge is figuring out the roof, it has to hinge open and not leak (challenging isn't it?). Thankfully I was able to call in reinforcements to help me with that. When my reinforcements show up and it's finished, I'll post a better picture. For tonight Puff is sleeping in the new house with the roof tacked on.



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