Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Banjo,

I wish Banjo was able to read this post. He was so amazing for Annie's Halloween party, I'm still in shock. He not only kept his pumpkin costume on the whole time, but he was on his best behavior. All the kids running around, food in little hands right there in front of him, I was sure something would go wrong. I have to admit I had laid out plans to escort him to my mother's house but I ran out of time. He was there purely by accident, but I am so glad he got to stay. He was great and made me realize how glad I am that he is our dog. Whoever threw this dog away was an idiot and I wish I could thank them.


Melinda said...

Actually anyone that throws away a dog is MORE than an idiot...Im glad you were there to pick up the pieces...


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