Thursday, October 22, 2009

The things we do...

Just spent three hours stitching feathers onto my daughters butt. The amazing thing was that she actually sat still for three hours while I did it. She REALLY wants to be a chicken for Halloween, I wish I could get her to be this good all the time. Now when she misbehaves I just tell her I won't finish her costume and she straightens right up. Is that mean? I have to admit I've been a little desperate to get her to listen, perhaps threatening the life of her chicken suit isn't the best idea. I could easily see this backfiring and her getting to wear her chicken suit after Halloween just as a means of getting her to behave. Yeah, this is a bad idea. I will no longer hold her chicken suit's life in my hands as a means of control. Promise.


Reality said...

I nearly choked laughing out loud at this. I love it!!! The things us mothers do.


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