Thursday, October 29, 2009

big people conference

Today was Annie's parent teacher conference. I was actually dreading it all day long. I have this fear that they will tell me my child is broken or that she's the biter/ hitter/ bully of the class. I know that Annie is none of these things (not that being the bully is bad or anything), but my initial instinct is that they will say something bad. Something that can't be fixed. I'm not sure where I get this fear, other than it's what my parents were told about me. No, I wasn't the biter/ hitter/ bully of the class, but I was in need of special schooling and being separated from the pack. As Annie gets closer to the age when I was singled out I know I will get even worse about going to these conferences. I do not want Annie to be separated from her class mates. To have to go to a different school. To be told that she is different. Being told that as a child has hurt me in so many ways and I am still struggling to believe that I am just like every one else. I find myself being so careful with what I say to Annie when she is struggling with something or having a hard time. I want her to know that struggling and having a hard time is normal and all kids have to find there way, not just her.
Annie's teachers had nothing but good things to say about her. Only about 27 more parent teacher conferences to go.


Charlie said...

I got singled out too, I think it was for the better. The rest of our classmates in upper middle class public school were clueless about things outside their sheltered existence. Few of them had any creative ability and most of them are just boring.


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