Monday, October 19, 2009

Annie's Aunt Heather

I have known Heather since I was 18, count them up and that's 11 years. I can't tell you how strange and wonderful this is. To say it takes a long time for people to get to know me only tells the half of it. I have what you might consider intimacy issues. The reality is that people can know me, but for me to be comfortable around them takes forever. I don't let people get close to me. Blame it on the chaos I was raised in or the fact the I grew up with two hermit's for parents. Either way, I came out a little funny. My sense of humor is strange to say the least, I'm not a party girl, or a hermit. I love being with people, it's just that they make me insanely uncomfortable with their constant need to talk/do things. Heather is one of the few people that gets me in the strangest of ways. She understands me when my brain stops functioning and I can't speak. She's not bothered by my constant need to feed people that come into my house. She's fine just sitting on the couch doing nothing. Having her visit for three days was awesome. We got to sit and do nothing, I had someone to cook for, and Annie went ballistic over her. The first night Heather got here, Annie asked if she could sleep in Aunt Heathers bed. I was quite shocked seeing as how it takes Annie a long time to get comfortable with people (something I'm determined to stop from getting worse), and she hadn't seen Heather since she was two.
If you look closely you'll see that Annie's arm is zipped up inside a plastic bag filled with her stuffed animals. She carried it around the whole time Heather was here. Banjo was very fond of Heather as well and split the nights up half in Heather's bed and half in mine. He was a little Gaga over Heather as you can see from the photo. Sadly Heather was only in town for a fashion show (she makes the most amazing free form crochet hats), and had to return home to her husband in Chicago where they live with their two cats and their dog named Tater. One day they will live here, it is my mission in life to see that it happens. I've yet to resort to begging, purely because I have known Heather long enough to know that she hates begging.


gail said...

love the picture of heather and annie with her binky......looks like heather makes a great aunt.(they are very important)


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