Sunday, January 2, 2011

House Day 2

 Texas was able to get the plumbing leaks fixed in the basement while I was at work.  We have a semi flushing toilet!   This is good for me, seeing as how every time I stand up I have to pee.   It will be a while before we can put any toilet paper or anything in it.  As soon as we get our occupancy permit Texas has to work with the plumber to dig up the sewer lateral.  Till then, I'm just grateful I can pee.

Texas scraped up the tile junk while I worked on the tack stripping

I got all the tack stripping, nails, and staple up!

End of day 2:
Tack stripping up                  
Staples and nails all removed
Tile gunk scrapped up           
  Plumbing leaks fixed              
Texas, all day
Me, 5 hours   



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