Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 27

We FLUSHED!  Texas took the plug out of the new pipe so we could at least flush the toilets tonight and clean them out.  He has to go over early in the morning and put it back in before the inspector comes.  I don't really understand why, but the new pipe has to be plugged up for the inspector to see that it holds water.   He tried to convince me that we should just wait and not run water again all day today.  I threw a fit and made him take the plug out.   I wanted to work and friends of ours we bringing dinner over to see the progress on the house, and really, you can't have people over and then tell them they have to drive up the street to quick trip if they need to pee or wash their hands.  That's just rude.  It was worth it.  I flushed both the toilets about 4-5 times each.  Ran the water in all the sinks and both bathtubs!  Plumbing is truly a gift. 
Mark and Maggie came over and got to see how things are looking.  It was so fun having people over and getting to sit down and eat in our new house.  Granted we were in folding chairs at a card table, but it was still nice.  Thanks again Mark and Maggie, dinner was GREAT!



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