Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

 The floor patching begins!   We pushed off the Floor people another day so Jon and I would have more time to get the house ready. Mostly so Jon wouldn't end up passed out on the floor from complete exhaustion.  We definitely tried to do to much in to little a time frame.  But no worries now.  The floors are patched and all Jon has to do now is prime the walls and paint the ceilings.

 Jon's floor patching:

I'm excited to see what it will look like after the floor guys sand and stain it all to match.   Will anyone ever know we had a piece of shuffle board table in our floor? 
And while Jon did all this?  I was sanding down the drywall mudd!  

 After the dust storm was cleaned up I went and got Annie from my moms.  Here she is doing a little measuring on the walls.
 Being a "Real Spy"
And helping out with a little creative mopping


Anonymous said...

y'all are doing an amazing job.. even your child labor!!!!
maddie, thank you for updating the progress of your darling house.. it makes us relatives in north carolina feel lkie we are almost there.. (wish i was, so that i could help!)


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