Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gross miscalculations (day 21)

Today was not a fun day for me.  It seems I've been so obsessed with the new house that I lost track of how much longer till the baby is due.  I went to the doctor and made an utter fool of myself today.  When he tells me I'm due in three weeks I immediately corrected him and said, "you mean five weeks."  "No three weeks," and he shows me the chart in his folder.  I just sit there and start crying.  I can't imagine what he's thinking.   I'm to busy thinking, I only have three weeks and our new house is no where near ready, and I have a million things to do.  I'm NOT READY! 
So after the doctor, I go back to the new house with a renewed sense of urgency and a new plan of attack.  I'm going to get this house ready.  My plan immediately crumbled to pieces when we realized what I thought was the wall was actually canvas?  Yes, the walls are lined in canvas.  I have no idea why and what the purpose of the canvas is, but it has thrown my whole plan down the tubes.  We pull it off and there they are, rotten plaster walls (insert more tears hear).  Texas tries to make me feel better, but the reality is we have to drywall mud the bedrooms as well.  Nothing is easy when it comes to old plaster walls.  They are crumbly, cracked, and miserable.
 Pulling canvas off the walls
 At least it comes off easier than wall paper.
 Annie and Texas have fun playing on the new floors, while mommy has a melt down
Annie got to go downstairs and try her hand at digging before we left for home.  Texas stayed behind to finish up digging the sewer lateral.


Amy R said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new wood floors! I wish ours were this color! But I'm just thankful that we have wood floors in most of the house and that the only room we had to refinish the floors was the kitchen. :)


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