Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13

 Big changes for the new house.  They sanded down the floors and it looks amazing.  What we thought was going to be a short day (because of the flooring) ended up being a work all night party.  They decided to stain in the morning, so we had one more night to knock out some work before we can't walk on our floors. 

 The sanded floors
 The damaged floors look better, but not as good as we hoped.  This is why cats are hazardous to houses.
 Yes, the pink bled through 4 layers of oil based primer
 The patch job Jon did turned out looking great
 Little Maddie slaved away on one of the bedrooms, with Jon's aunt Debbie and his Mom.  It was really fun having everyone there.  Work is way less boring when you have the hysterical antics of little Maddie to entertain you.
  Jon and Annie walked around being "inspectors"
 And then Jon decided to tear out a wall
We finished stripping the walls in Annie's room, they are pretty damaged, but thankfully it's a small room.

All in all day 13 was pretty good.  Two of the three bedrooms are stripped of wallpaper, Jon tore out the wall that is now an entry way into our bedroom, and the bathroom is partially stripped.  Thank goodness for the forced break coming up.  I think taking a few days off while the floors are being done is going to be a huge blessing.   We are all tired.


Anonymous said...

OMG the house looks unbelievable!!
y'all have done amazing work.. i'm so proud of you.. just can't wait to see it in person when aunt leslie visits..

Amy R said...

I am seriously getting more excited about your house with each post I read!


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