Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3

 Annie woke up sick this morning, so we made her a little nest in the corner at the new house.   I was really glad we got all the tack stripping up.   Not safe for kiddos. 
 A day of movies, naps, and relaxing for Annie while Texas and I worked on the house.
Please note how much cleaner/nicer the house looks before we start tearing down paper. 
 My mom came over to help with the wallpaper.
The dining room paper came off without a problem, giving me false hope for the rest of the house.

 Annie got out of bed to try her hand at wallpaper stripping.  
It lasted about 2 minutes and then she went back to bed.

 When we got to the living room we discovered 5 layers of wallpaper with two layers of paint sandwiched in between.  On some sections the previous owners thought it wise to drywall mud over the paper.  This is not going to go as quickly.

By the end of day 3 the dining room is stripped, the living room has the first layer of paper removed, and Texas made a huge dent in the removal of the knob and tube wiring running throughout the house. Thank you Lord, for a husband who is incredibly handy. 
If you notice the light fixture in the banister, it's actually put together using car parts.  Very strange...  I'm just glad that Texas worked as a mechanic for 4 years while getting through college, or we might have lost the very unique light.

Day 3:
Big mess to return to tomorrow

all day, I'm tired



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