Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 20

We had the roofers out today repairing all the flashing on the roof.   Texas went over this morning to meet with them and remove a vent on the roof so the roofers could patch where it was.  They got everything done!  We now have a leak free roof, and just in time for the snow.
Texas put his truck back together after he got back from the house and it WORKS!  I've never seen him so happy.   His truck has been out for almost three weeks, mostly because we've been too busy working on the house.  He was determined to get it put back together before the snow hit.  I'm not sure how anyone can spend 8+ hours outside in the freezing cold, but he managed to get it fixed.  He just left to take it on a test run to the new house.  He promised he would not work on the house tonight, we'll see if he keeps word.  I'm glad for the break, but I kinda wanna get back in there and finish things up a little before we move in.  It would be nice to have the bedrooms painted at the least.  We'll see.



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