Saturday, January 22, 2011

And the walls came tumbling down (day 22)

 So Texas and I learned our lesson about canvas lined walls.  That stuff is there for a reason, and really if the canvas weren't creating a ruffle along the bottom of the wall we probably would have left it.

 Texas was working on taking out the extra doorway between our future bedroom and Annie's.   Everything that going great until he went to take off the baseboards. 

 At first just a little plaster fell off. Then...
 Catastrophe struck! and there went our bedroom wall. 

The good news is, the rest just sort of fell off and Texas found a way to wire outlets into
the bedrooms. 

A few hours of Texas the electrician later, and our room has two new outlets and Annie's has three outlets and a light fixture all running off new wires instead of knob and tube!  So thank you, crumbling plaster walls.  I was nervous about having no outlets in Annie's room and only the one in our room.



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