Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 4

 Nothing but wallpaper.  Five layers of old wallpaper.  Thankfully, my mom and my sister came over to help.   I'm not sure I would have made it through the day without them.  This stuff did not want to come off.   Annie camped out in her corner and played with her Christmas toys while we worked.  Texas was in the basement rewiring the house.  The rest of us were camped out in different corners scraping one layer after the next.  

 Of coarse my sister makes the wall look like some form of creative expression.

 Color stained the plaster from the last layer of wallpaper.

 This appears to be the original paper on the wall.  This chunk just fell off a wall behind a piece of shelving. 

Living room done!

Day 4:
Wallpaper off living room walls, all five layers!
Basement wiring replaced
New leak in the basement pipes discovered

Texas 11 hours
Me 8 hours
Mom 5 hours
Greta 3.5 hours

Thankfully there was a football game tonight, so Texas was ok with us going home a little early to catch the end of the game.   Otherwise there would be no blogging.



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