Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24-25

Well Sunday was a lost day for me as far as the house goes.  I had another baby shower with Tex's side of the family.   It was really awesome to have two days of baby events.  It kind of made me realize I haven't been very baby focused this pregnancy.  Hence losing track of when baby is coming.  Not sure if it's just baby number 2 or if it's because there is so much going on.  Probably a mixture of both. 
Texas did manage to get a little work done, but I know he's tired.

Day 25, The PLUMBER is here!   I got so excited this morning just knowing the plumber was coming and was going to get started I forgot that I still had things to get done today.   I came back to earth when I talked to Texas.  The plumber didn't actually do anything but measure and pick up his first half of the payment.   So no, we still can't flush the toilet and Quick trip isn't getting rid of us yet.  He's supposed to show up tomorrow with everything he needs.  With any luck he'll show up and by the end of tomorrow we'll be able to flush the toilet.   We are really hoping to catch a little luck tomorrow.  Work has halted due to the fact that we can't even use the sink anymore (unless we want to flood our basement). 



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