Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 10

 Annie walked into the house this morning and yelled, "It's snowing inside mama!"  She wasn't kidding.  While Annie and I were at church Jon had been sanding down the walls.  We walk into the floors covered in dust and Jon on the ladder sanding the last corner.  

 I really didn't expect the dust to be this bad.  Annie and I had stopped by for lunch with Jon before she went to Gigi's for the rest of the day.  This is obviously no place for kids.  But Annie really loved getting to see the work on her new house. 

 Annie wanted to help so bad we modified a dust mask and let her vacuum for a few minutes before she had to go off to a less hazardous environment.
 Then Jon put me to work.  I got to finish off the drywall mudding in the entry while Jon pulled up flooring in the hall to patch up the shuffle board table and a few air registers that are over sized.

 Underneath the depression era flooring we found the original hardwood floors. They are beautiful but there is no way we are going to dig those up.

 SO the end of day 10.  
Jon worked from 9am to 10pm.
I had it easy.
All the walls are mudded.

To do list for tomorrow:
Sand entry way walls                
scrape up mudd from the floors 
patch floors                                
paint ceilings                              
prime the walls                           

And this is mostly stuff only Jon can do.  Poor Jon.




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