Thursday, March 25, 2010

wish list

Still not sleeping, so I figured I'd post a blog. I'm sure you're all tired of looking at piles of dirt, even if my adorable daughter is standing on them. So I'm posting pictures of my wish list. This might seem strange, but every year when I'm getting my taxes together, I make a wish list of what I would do with part of the return money. This year sadly it's all going to fix my car, which super sucks (I'm grateful to have a car, I just wish it would stop breaking). Last year I paid off debt (a.k.a. school loans, only $5,000 to go!) and bought this lovely computer that I'm typing this blog with. This year I was going to pay off more of that icky debt and buy one present. It was a toss between practical and frivolous. I have loved this pair of earrings since I first saw them, and if you know anything about me, you know I don't buy jewelry EVER. It is a luxury, and my life can't really afford that right now. That's why God gave me a sister, who loves jewelry and loves me enough to know I need it. Every piece of jewelry I own is from her. Yes, my sister rocks and I love her (and her blog is awesome).
So this is my dream pair of earrings (Sundance of course). Perhaps they will go one sale. It would have to be a 90% off sale, but it could happen.

Next items on the list are of course kitchen items.

Lodge Double Play Reversible Griddle
The lodge Griddle. I cook most of our food on cast iron. I love it. Nonstick without the Teflon. This would be an awesome addition to our kitchen, and far more practical than earrings.

KitchenAid KGMA Grain Mill Stand Mixer Attachment
Kitchen-aid PTO grain mill. This would be so cool to have, and it could save us money in the long run. Yes, it costs less than the earrings too. Why is jewelry so expensive?

The last item on my list is Asparagus crowns, but I couldn't find a good picture. And I think I will save this purchase for when I'm not renting (if that day ever comes).



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