Sunday, March 14, 2010

Disney on ice

Annie and I were given tickets to go see Disney on ice. I can't say I was excited to go, but I was very excited for Annie. She rarely gets to go do things like this, and she had absolutely no concept of what we were going to see. I tried to explain it to her, even looked it up online to show her, but no, she still didn't get. Finely I got her to understand that we were going to go see Ice skating. So she put on her coat and packed her pockets with band-aids (in case anyone falls down), and off we went.

Upon arrival we were inundated with Disney paraphernalia. All I could think was "oh crap". I told Annie several times that we weren't buying anything, but alas she politely said, "please momma, may I have a toy?" I persisted with no. Then came, "momma, I think my daddy would want me to have one. Lets call him" Well that just made me mad. She's right, I don't usually have the money to buy her "stuff" when we go anywhere, so here goes. She wants a wand. Ok how much can a plastic wand be? $24 dollars was not was I was thinking. So she's got her wand, then she see's plastic dolls that look like McDonald kids meal toys, only bigger. Wow $12 a piece, she could have two of those for the price of one plastic wand. So she traded in for two dolls and we were off to find our seats.

With one doll clutched in each hand she sat on my lap, unable to talk or move. She was utterly captivated by the princesses skating across the ice. For the full 45 minutes of the first half she literally couldn't move. Thankfully she was given a moment to process during intermission. Very slowly she began to come back to life. Finally closing her mouth and blinking, she started to move her hands. It was like watching someone come out of a coma after 30 years. She could barely talk.

The second half Annie came to life. She started talking, pointing at the princesses, and even clapping her hands. As each princess skated out on the rink she would say, "I knew she would be here." Several times she informs me, "If anyone falls I will help them." I am glad my daughter got to go see Disney on ice, and that she was prepared to help if needed. It was actually really cool to see. Thank you Jill for the tickets, I'm sure Annie will never forget.



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