Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pressures on

I am ridiculously excited about what came in the mail recently. It is my first pressure cooker/canner, and not just any pressure cooker, but an All American. I have wanted one of these for years, but they are super expensive. I've tried for several Birthdays/Christmas's to convince my parents this is what they should get me, but it never happens. I can't blame them either. Buying a pressure cooker is serious business and at times they are simply impossible to find at a good price. This beautiful one was half off the retail price! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price and then to make matters worse they were offering free shipping, so I caved. Unable to resist the chance to own my own I bought it. Annie climbed in and asked, "will you cook me now?"

We are planting a ton of Tomatoes this spring so that we can jar stewed tomatoes for the winter. I am not a fan of overpriced canned tomatoes full of yucky leaking chemicals from the plastic liners they use. Hopefully I will be able to jar some of our veggies as well, but there's no telling if Annie will leave any left behind. She's worse than a family of rabbits to a veggie garden.



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