Friday, March 26, 2010

overheard conversations

Annie and her cousin Ruby have some of the most interesting conversations. I have been writing them down for a few weeks now. Here are some of my favorites.

Annie, "God put a curse in me and make no one prettier than me."
Ruby,"that sounds serious."
Annie, "It is."

Annie, "pretend I was a wedding girl."
Ruby, "and I will be your mommy."
Annie, "no you will be my husband."
Ruby instantly falls to tears.
Annie, "I sorry you can be my mommy, but I not have time out."

Ruby, "my name is Sophie Della."
Annie, "my name is Sunblizen."

Annie, "A microwave is for catching people."
Ruby, "no it's not, it's for cooking."
Annie, "you are so silly Ruby." (she really doesn't know what a microwave is).

A week later I overheard this conversation:
Annie, "If you eat from a microwave you won't grow."
Ruby, "that not true, I'm bigger than you."

Ruby, "you have silly chickens."
Annie, "Do you want to hold one?"
Ruby screams, "NO" and runs away from the chicken house.

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