Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby goats

Annie and I went by this morning to say hello to the new babies (one girl, one boy). We didn't get to stay to long because a few minutes after we walked in mama started looking agitated so we left. I did get a picture of the new babies and one of mama, but the quality is bad because I didn't want to irritate her with the flash. Annie was very happy to get a peek though and is trying to convince me that the mama wants to name the girl princess and the boy prince, "she told me so mama."
This is Merryl tending to the mama during the labor. She has a great website that tells you about her Cheese making classes (which I know first hand are really fun). To go see what Merryl is up to click here. She's always offering great classes, and when available she has her goats milk for sale.
Here's mama resting after her long labor. Are those not the cutest ears? This is why Sophie is my favorite. I love her droopy ears and spots.
And finally, the babies. They were snuggled up together sleeping when we got there.


rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

AAAHH! i've been wanting to make cheese since i read 'animal vegetable miracle!' that's so cool... and i know a few other girls who may be interested, so i'll look into it.
thanks for the link!


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