Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was so beautiful today that we had to spend the day outside. I got to clean the gutters (fun), while Annie played games with the chickens. Don't worry I got pictures, and cleaning the gutters wasn't so bad. Best compost you'll probably find is in your gutters, and I need every bit I can get. The sod for the potager garden is coming up possibly next week and we'll need a lot. I prefer it to be free.

Game one: Noodle chase

Start with chickens, add noodles and watch.

Lightening Mcqueen takes the lead with the longest noodle. Pearl is close behind with Sally on her tale. Sorry Harold, you don't stand a chance. I should have done this with the video camera, because they ran around the run about four times before Gertrude surprised us all and took the noodle.

Game two: Hide and Seek

First round of hide and seek, Annie is the seeker. She didn't have a hard time finding the girls (they haven't quite caught on). As soon as Annie opened her eyes she yells, "you guys are supposed to hide."
Second round Annie hid. They all found her within a matter of seconds.



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